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Where did My Icons and Start Menu Go?

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Has your desktop icons and Start Menu icons disappeared?  We can help! Here are a few helpful cleaning tips to get your PC running again.

This is caused by an infection which has become very common lately. In a few easy steps you can have your computer looking like it did before the infection. Once you get it back into working condition, you'll need to remove and prevent the infection.

You need to first download a program called Unhide.exe
After this completes, you should see everything again. Now you need to check for a Kaspersky's TDSS rookit scanner here.
Once this is complete, remove any left over infections with SuperAntispyware by downloading from here .  Run it all the way through and remove anything it finds.
If you have it really may need to download and run combofix.exe from here..don't forget to run as administrator for Windows Vista and 7.
Now that you are clean, you need to get some protection. I would suggest Kaspersky Internet Security. It cleans anything we've ever seen, it doesn't bog down your machine, and they have the fastest virus definition updates out there. Download a trial by going to


If you need further help, or have any question regarding this infection, please click our support chat on the website or submit you question by email.

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